Company Profile

Started in 1975, HIGH CEDAR ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD.has been proven as one of the BEST PU MANUFACTURER in the world. The company, though encountered with challenges of time but still had managed to survive with a strong fight to face new challenges for the coming years because HIGH CEDAR believes that MAKE THE BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS WITH COMPETITIVE PRICE.

  • Presently, we could say that HIGH CEDAR gain respect of its fellow manufacturers and other companies all over the world because of its high quality made products with reasonable prices. High Cedar has gone a long way already in the field of making grips through the years.

    Being the No.1 PU grip manufacturer, HIGH CEDAR doesn't stop in making new developed products every year and having new ideas to make its PU grips suitable and remarkable in the market. From time to time, trend of consumers are changing, markets have a lot of demands and ideas which our company is very versatile of the information gathered and relate all of these in making our new developed products.We always try something new and unique that would boost in the market in the future.

Among these leading racket makers and sporting goods dealers, it is well accepted that HIGH CEDAR is a symbol of TRUSTED VENDOR. It is also known that HIGH CEDAR is the TOP-RANKED maker of sporting goods for premium purpose and never fails in honoring the promised time of delivery with the high quality standards. The company always manages to have not only the BEST QUALTIY PRODUCTS but also the BEST SERVICE it has for the customer's satisfaction.

HIGH CEDAR has gone through a long way. Its No.1
high quality PU can be suited to all any sports in the world. It has been successive through years and the company would not stop in making them the No.1 in the world, to be the BEST PU MANUFACTURER.